Certified in personal training by the National Association for Sports Medicine, Anna Marie believes in advocating a "whole centered person" approach to personal training. Any trainer can give you a personlized plan, but Anna also offers mental guidance and serves as your personal therapeutic guide while reaching whatever goals you want to achieve. So while she can offer strategic physical plans to sculpt and tone your physique, she will also work with you on mindfulness and different interventions for coming to a spiritual peace with your journey and your body. No fitness regimine is linear, and Anna is equipped to assist on your journey for balance, happiness, and a stronger physical and mental presence. Because of the attention to detail and time alotted for each client, Anna can only work with 5-7 clients at any given time. Please e-mail for details to get you started today! 

Anna Marie Boyd  M.A., LCAT, CPT

Contact: anna@ambfitness.com